Kyoto Kitashirakawa Natural Radium Hot Springs, EISENKYO

京都北白川天然ラジウム温泉 えいせん京

Radon contained in the steam and minerals contained in the hot water warm your body from the inside and the outside, enhancing your immune system.

Business days and hours Day-tour: 11:00 to 17:45 (Reception end time: 17:00)
Closed on Tuesdays and last wednesday of the month.
Charges One night, including two meals:
From 16,930 yen + 150 yen Day trip visitors: 1,450 yen + 100 yen
Spring quality Radioactive hot spring
Open-air bath None *but have a room with open air bath
Reservable bath Available
* A guest room with an open-air bath can be reserved. (One hour for two persons: 6,680 yen
* Only during the day)
One-day visit / staying overnight This facility can be used for both one-day visits and overnight stays

Recommended points

We are proud of our spring's status, with one of the highest radium levels in Japan.
Our hot spring is said to be able to heal all kinds of diseases, with a hormesis effect based on the small amount of radiation contained in the water and a hyperthermic effect based on radon gas.

TEL: +81-75-781-4525 FAX : +81-75-781-5016
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Kitashirakawa Jizodani 1-125
Approximately 1 minute from Keihan Bus "Jizodani" stop

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