Kyoto Miso and Ohara Hotsprings Minshuku Oohara-no-sato

京都 味噌と大原温泉 民宿 大原の里

Our inn is located in Ohara, a mountain village which has long been well known for its appearance in many ancient stories and poems and for the famous temple Sanzen-in, and as one of Kyoto's representative areas of beautiful picturesque scenery.
You are sure to have a pleasant time during your trip to Oohara-no-sato, which features the open-air Goemon bath, its popular menu item "Miso-nabe" (miso-based hot pot), and a garden able to be enjoyed in all seasons.

Business days and hours Open throughout the year
Charges One night, including two meals:
From 9,700 yen (tax included/excluding bath tax)
Day trip visitors: From 1,000 yen (tax included)
Spring quality Simple thermal hot spring (low-temperature hot spring with a hypotonic low alkaline level)
Open-air bath Available
Reservable bath None
One-day visit / staying overnight This facility can be used for both one-day visits and overnight stays
* In the case of one-day visits, available offers are limited to set plans with a meal, etc.

Recommended points

We have been making miso for more than 100 years. Kyo-yasai (specifically certified vegetable varieties grown in Kyoto) grown in our vegetable garden, and "Kyo aka jidori," a local chicken brand, are used for "Miso-nabe," the local specialty which originated at our inn and is created using our home fermented miso. Also recommended are "Shio Nama Sansho Shabu Shabu"
(shabu-shabu hot pot seasoned with salted Japanese pepper), for which "Kyoto Beef," Kyoto's brand beef is used, and "Sansho Botan-nabe" (a boar meat hot pot seasoned with Japanese pepper).

TEL: +81-75-744-2917 FAX : +81-75-744-3245
31 Kusao-cyo Ohara Sakyo-ku Kyoto, 601-1248, Japan
Get on a Kyoto bus for Ohara at bay C-3 of the bus terminal in front of JR Kyoto station.
Approximately 12 minutes' walk from "Ohara", the final stop after a 60-minute bus ride.

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