Natural hot spring water is used for all of our baths, and some of our faucets and showers.
Thanks to the extremely soft hot spring water along with the two components that constitute spring quality, the water, which provides good foamability with the use of soap, can produce smooth and silky skin.

●Business days and hours
Open throughout the year
(Closed three days in September for equipment inspection.) 10:00 - 23:00 (last admission: 22:00)
●Spring quality
Hot spring No. 1: Simple thermal hot spring / Hot spring No. 2: Sodium hydrogen carbonate spring
●Open-air bath
●Reservable bath
Weekdays: Adults: 830 yen, Children: 520 yen (three-year old children - elementary school students)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays:
Adults: 1,000 yen, Children: 620 yen
●One-day visit / staying overnight
This facility can be used for both one-day visits and overnight stays

Recommended points

Visitors will feel relaxed in our 50 square meter large bath, spacious dressing rooms, and a resting room with seating capacity of 180.
Our hotel is equipped with various types of bath facilities, such as a large bath; open-air baths; cascading baths; jacuzzi baths; bath facilities for lying-down bathing, sitting-up bathing,
standing up bathing, tepid water bathing, and hot bath; as well as sauna baths.

TEL: +81-75-332-5800 FAX : +81-75-332-6927
2-4, Oharano Higashisakaidanicho, Nishikyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 610-1143, Japan
Near "Sakaidani Ohashi," the stop reached after an approximately 7-minute bus ride (such as a city bus or a Yasaka bus) from Hankyu Rakusaiguchi Station.
Near "Sakaidani Ohashi," the stop reached after an approximately 9-minute bus ride (such as a city bus or a Yasaka bus) from JR Katsuragawa Station.

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